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If you're looking for a business not affected by the economy, read on...
Who else wants to build a successful window cleaning business that generates huge profits on demand...without the time wasting and costly learning curve?

Residential Window Washing Business
Now you can by following a proven step-by-step roadmap developed by an expert who has "been there...done that".


From: Steve Wright
Tuesday, 8:16 am
Phone: 850-476-0904

Dear Friend:

Grab your favorite beverage, curl yourself up in front of the computer screen, and get ready to learn what hundreds of other people have already realized - that owning a residential window cleaning business is the answer they've been looking for!

It doesn't matter if you're a minimum wage worker at a Dollar store, an executive at a major corporation, or someone in between...people from all walks of life are looking for a way to get off the high pressure, low reward treadmill.

And if you combine the incredible potential of the window washing business with a powerful, turn-key, customer generating system, you'll create a 1-2 punch that will allow you to break loose from the ball and chain routine of a "job", control your own future, and finally earn the income that you deserve.

Free Window Cleaning Tips

Keep reading to find out how you can receive a FREE Mini-Course entitled The Secret To Owning a Successful Window Cleaning Business. Absolutely no obligation, but I am only offering this comprehensive Mini-Course for a limited time, so read on!

No, this is not a pie-in-the-sky, get rich quick scheme with a bunch of hocus-pocus promises of easy wealth with no effort.  Fake business opportunities like that are advertised everywhere, and only deliver broken dreams.  The Residential Window Cleaning Business on the other hand, is a real, solid, extremely profitable business you can be proud to be a part of.

Why window washing? Excellent question. I asked myself the same thing a few years ago.

Take a look at the many advantages of owning your own residential window washing business:

  • Very Low start-up costs.
  • Pennies-a-day operating costs.
  • Earn up to $500 a day on your own - more with a crew.
  • Look around - glass is everywhere.
  • Tremendous repeat business - Glass is always getting dirty.
  • Complete freedom to choose your own schedule, hours, and income level you desire.  Work a full week for maximum income or 3 days a week so you can spend the rest of the time with your family - it's always your choice.
  • Work Part-time or Full-time - If you have a full time job, work around your schedule.  You can simply schedule a small job after work or Saturday morning to pick up easy extra cash money.
  • Work from home.  No outside office needed.
  • No diploma, degree or costly training required.
  • No age, gender or background requirements.
  • Great business for any man or woman in good general health.
  • Use your current automobile - no truck or van needed.
  • Work in and around beautiful homes.
  • Work outdoors and indoors.
  • Meet interesting people.
  • Enjoy the satisfaction your customers express after each job.
  • Get paid immediately at the end of every job.

After seeing the many benefits of owning your own window washing business, you might be starting to "see the light", but you might also be wondering, "Why do I need your system?  Can't I go get a bucket, a squeegee, a ladder and do it on my own?"

Absolutely.  You can certainly start that way, but why stumble your way into this business when you don’t have to?

If you want to skip the learning curve and get it right the first time, then take a close, hard look at my system described below. It’s been designed to take you by the hand and walk you through each step, so you can grow your profits the fastest way possible. I’ve already done the work and spent the time and money perfecting the many techniques you need to be successful, so you don’t have to!

There is nothing like having an expert at your elbow when you launch your dreams. As you will soon see, my complete system offers not only the information you need to duplicate my success but professional marketing tools (including a website), a monthly newsletter, unlimited consulting, and much, much more. Plus there are never any royalties or franchise fees to pay. Your profits are all yours.

Let me back up a little bit.

My name is Steve Wright and I’m a real person. Not some faceless corporation hiding behind words on a web site. Pick up the phone and give me a call at 850-476-0904.

I began looking for a way to own my own business when I realized the “40 years as an employee - get a gold watch” routine wasn’t working. Getting paid chicken scratch, having little to say in my own future, and having to toil away day after day, week after week, doing the same old boring stuff is no way to enjoy life.

So, I looked into many different business opportunities. I tried operating payphones, selling home designs, fund raising, being a credit card agent, selling personalized children’s books, asset protection, a mobile oil change business, and the list goes on.

Although I had some successes, most of what I bought was useless, silly, or just plain insulting.

Some businesses ended up being outright scams.

Others were too complicated to operate.

Most required risking lots of money - money I didn’t have by the way.

When I first ran across an ad in an opportunity magazine talking about getting into the window washing business, I was skeptical and excited at the same time. Skeptical because of some of the dud opportunities I had bought into before, and excited because I couldn’t see one negative. Well, I take that back. There was one negative. The ad I was looking at offered a window washing program for (hold onto your hat) $1,995. Whoa! A little expensive, wouldn’t you say?

I just plain and simple didn’t have that kind of money, but I felt very strongly that this business had it all, so I borrowed $1,000, put the rest on a credit card, and the rest is history. I haven’t looked back since.

Over the last few years, I have taken my residential window washing business to financial heights I never dreamed of with 3 crews running around cleaning windows for me, a 6 to 8 week backlog of window cleaning jobs, and a phone that would not stop ringing with more prospects and customers wanting my window cleaning services.

So I decided to share this success with other folks. People like you, who are simply not satisfied with the way things have gone up to this point, but you still have big dreams. My system can help you fulfill those dreams.

The $1,995 window washing opportunity I bought did get me started, but there were some major drawbacks. It took a substantial amount of money and time to overcome those gaps, design the proper materials/marketing tools, test, test, test, and perfect the techniques which I make available in my system. You will find no drawbacks here.

The first part of my package is a hard-hitting manual which took 6 months to produce. It's entitled How to Start Your Own Residential Window Washing Business and is 176 pages of details, details, details. It's loaded with over 130 full color pictures, concise explanations, the exact techniques I used to build my business, and a whole lot more!

Here's a small sample of the priceless information presented in this detailed step-by-step manual:

  • Why a Residential Window Washing Business is your long term ticket to financial success. (The average residential window cleaning job is $200 and takes 4 to 4 ½ hours to do. How many jobs can you do per week?)

  • The two kinds of insurance you must have before doing your first job.

  • In-depth explanations, along with photographs, of the different types of windows and doors you’ll be cleaning.

  • The supplies which are an absolute necessity to your success, and where to get them.

  • Everything you need to know about Ladders, including the brand and sizes to get, how to transport your ladders properly, and ladder safety.

  • Learn the right way to make a window shine (yes, there are wrong ways).

  • The single most important factor in building a die-hard customer base.

  • How to avoid costly mistakes-I made a bunch, so now you’ll know what not to do.

  • How to charge top dollar for your services…and get it!

  • How to present the window washing estimate properly using my specially developed estimate package (Hint - there is no selling required).

  • How to flood your calendar with window washing jobs.

  • How to trample the competition - they won’t stand a chance once you learn this simple technique.

  • How to keep your customers coming back again, and again, and again.

  • How to get your customers to send you a whirlwind of referrals. Once you learn these unique "referral building" strategies, your business will be like a runaway unstoppable force.

…But that’s not all! Although my manual will teach you everything you need to know to build a successful window cleaning business, my complete system consists of these additional powerful tools to really supercharge your business:

Logo - I am giving you the right to use my copyrighted logo which I had professionally developed for this business. When you see it, you’ll understand why people recognize me wherever I go.

Slogan - I am also giving you the right to use my trademarked slogan which has generated thousands of dollars of business for me. I’ve had customers tell me they looked me up in the yellow pages based on this slogan.

Instant access to marketing materials - From a password protected webpage on this web site, you will be able to download a number of flyers, an ad I’ve used very successfully, my complete estimate package which I present to customers after doing an estimate to clean their windows (this package will do the selling for you), contracts, letters, and more. By giving you access to this information immediately, you could be making money by this weekend.

Marketing Artwork - You will receive customizable artwork for all of the successful marketing tools I’ve used over the years - several postcards, door hangers, business cards, letterhead, magnetic sign (for your automobile), and yard sign (stick this in your customer’s yard and watch your sales skyrocket).

Window Washing Success Tips Newsletter - Every month you'll receive a newsletter chock full of information. Each issue will contain additional strategies, insights, or tips on how to ensure your long term success. Occasionally I'll also pass on unique techniques that are working for other folks out in the field. This newsletter is my way of being right beside you as you build and grow your business.

Window Washing Blog - This is a great way to tap into the window washing knowledge I've gained over the years. Absolutely nothing is held back! Sometimes I'll launch my newsletter through the blog and other times I'll make blog posts loaded with more window cleaning tips and advice. I also get many as an extra treat, I may post 'em to the Blog along with my replies. All names will be kept confidential of course. But by posting them to my blog, everyone benefits!!

Lifetime Consulting - I am offering you email and phone consulting...For Life! My goal is to see you grab the brass ring in this great business, so that's why in addition to everything else offered within my system, I have decided to make myself available to you 6 days a week for any questions or situations you have. I don't hide behind secretaries or voice mail machines. My number again is 850-476-0904.

Window Cleaning Directory - Instead of a boring, traditional type of directory where your window cleaning business is stuck on a webpage with dozens of other window cleaners, I've designed this directory so that your business stands out! No more than 6 window cleaners per webpage. We offer two different types of listings, both free! If you choose to create a Premium listing, you can actually create your own webpage on the directory. Your own web page! This is great for the search engines. So when a prospective customer in your area is looking for a window cleaner in the search engines, you may display so that they can contact you. You have never seen anything like this anywhere. And it's all automated. Follow along with the short video within the directory and create your free listing in minutes! 

And are FOUR more extra special bonuses which will absolutely skyrocket your business to the top…and keep it there!

Special Bonus #1 -This bonus is all about how you can add thousands of dollars to your income at no cost whatsoever. Pure profit. You’re in the customer’s home, ask them a couple of simple questions and Boom!

Special Bonus #2  - Would you like to expand into a full fledged enterprise with crews running around washing windows for you? Take it from me...there's nothing quite like the feeling of having window washers out in the field making you money for every hour they work. In this special bonus, I give you the information you need to make it happen. Some folks want to do every window cleaning job themselves. Others only want to work part-time and earn an extra $10,000, $20,000 or $30,000 per year. No problem. If you’re in either a "do it yourself” mode or a “part-time” mode, feel free to skip right over this section. I put this bonus together primarily for the people who want to build a huge window cleaning business and squash the competition in the process!

Special Bonus #3

How To Adopt the Business Mindset is a book I wrote specifically for my students. There are actually 20 individual business mindsets which I discuss in this manual.


Some of the mindsets include how to market yourself as an expert, how to master the relationships with your customers, how to invest wisely, how to have an abundance mentality, and much, more more! This manual has been getting rave reviews by my students, and it's yours as a bonus!



Special Bonus #4

I asked my web designer to create 4 website templates for me and she came back with some really sharp looking, professional designs. Take a look at these:

So what does this have to do with you? Simple. They're yours to use so that you can create yourself a website! Don't know anything about websites? No problem! I put together a complete set of in-depth instructions with literally dozens of screenshots showing you how to take one of the templates and build your own complete website. You'll be able to change colors, insert your company name into the designated area, and make other changes so that the website is unique to you.  

Any idea how expensive it is to hire a web designer? Of course you can certainly try and create your own website, but for most of us that's not an option. The vast majority of people simply don't have the knowledge, the software, or the design skills to get it done. So now you don't have to with these FREE Website Templates. Anyone, regardless of skill, can take one of these website templates and turn into a beautiful website that will make your prospects and customers stand up and take notice. 

In order to be a successful business owner, you must follow someone who’s been there. There are many wannabe experts in the world. The great pretenders I call them--Authors who sit in an ivory tower and write fancy theories, but have no real world “school of hard knocks” experience. On the other side of the coin are the business owners who think all they need is a sign or a little yellow page ad, and customers will magically appear. Ha! Maybe if you sold pizza, but the window cleaning business is a whole different ball game.

Everything I'm offering you today is based on solid, proven principles that you can plug into your business and take to the bank.

The advice, techniques, and materials have already been put to the test, and they’ve yielded consistently astounding results. Remember, I perfected these techniques out in the field. Heck, the folks that offer that expensive package I bought when I first started in this business, have called me a few times to try and pry my marketing techniques from me (and they’ve been doing this a lot longer than I have). No can do! They belong to me and you (if you take advantage of this incredible offer)!

So…what’s it worth to ensure that your window washing business becomes extremely profitable and you don’t waste hundreds (or thousands) of marketing dollars and a whole lot of time on risky, ineffective, stale techniques?



How about $1,995 like I spent when I got in this business?

Not even close. You get my whole system jam-packed with valuable information, techniques, marketing tools, monthly newsletter, a powerful Blog, lifetime consulting, a one of  a kind window cleaning directory, a professionally designed website, and much more for a super low price of $147. Wow!

Sure you could go ahead and throw money down the drain trying to figure out this business for yourself, or you could hope and pray that the next “opportunity” you buy into will be “the big one.”

But why put yourself through it?

I’ve already paid the price for you. My system has been fine tuned into an exact science. No fat or fluff here - just a lean mean marketing machine designed to make you the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time.

All you have to do is follow the simple steps I give you, and you’re there! So why not invest in your future? Take control of your life, make more money, and enjoy the lifestyle you dream about. Get How to Start Your Own Residential Window Washing Business (and all the tools that go with it) in your hands now!

After I receive notification that you have taken advantage of my offer, I will send you:

  • A high quality CD that contains my detailed 176 page manual How to Start Your Own Residential Window Washing Business direct to your mailbox. When it arrives, pop it in and let's have some fun. Again...this CD is mailed to you via the U.S. Post Office! It's not some worthless ebook digital download that'll end up collecting dust on your computer.

  • Information on how to access my Blog and how to list your business in my window cleaning directory. (If you don't have your business information yet, no worries...the directory will be ready for you when you do).

  • Information on where to download thank you letters, follow up letters, testimonial request letters, contracts, and the estimate package that you present to prospects. As mentioned, this specially formulated estimate package will be what turns prospects into customers.

  • All of the marketing materials I've used over the years like business cards, postcards, door hangers, magnetic signs, a yard sign, letterhead, and a variety of flyers. Instructions are included on how to adapt and edit the marketing tools to fit you.

  • The username and password to a special access page where you can download the website templates that my designer created so that you can create a unique window cleaning website for your business. You'll also be able to download complete step by step instructions with screenshots. Just follow the steps to your very own website. 

  • Notice of your subscription activation to my monthly newsletter Window Washing Success Tips along with a whopping 8 Back Issues with titles like...
    • Massive Action results in Massive Returns
    • Name Drop your way to a lot of customers
    • Greeting Cards and Testimonials...making it work
    • Pricing...go cheap at your own risk
    • And More....

$147 is a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you're going to miss out on without my window washing package. Best of all, you could easily earn the entire cost of this package back before lunch on your first day in the business.

As I mentioned earlier, you could certainly figure this business out for yourself. Make some mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and slowly build your business.

Another option is to buy a video that spends the majority of time teaching you how to wash windows. Why? We’re not talking Rocket Science here.

Let's get one thing clear...although it's important to learn the business basics, find out about supplies, know about the various types of windows, and know how to wash a window (yes...all of these topics are discussed at length within my manual), what will make or break your business are customers! No profits. It's as simple as that.

And speaking of customers, I put together a Mini-course entitled The Secrets to Owning a successful Window Cleaning Business which focuses solely on what you need to do in order to have an abundance of window washing customers. Of course, I expand on these mini-course lessons within my manual, but this mini-course is still jam packed with loads of information. It'll open your eyes to what will really dictate your success in the window cleaning business. Heck...I run circles around the so called "window cleaning experts". They "don't get it", but the good news is that you will, IF you sign up for your free Mini-Course. So here you go...



Yes Steve! I want to discover the secrets behind starting, growing, and running a successful window cleaning business.


So please send me my free mini-course today!



Your First Name:
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Your first lesson will arrive immediately! 100% spam free. I value your email privacy. And you can unsubscribe at anytime with our one click unsubscribe feature.

Occasionally I’ll get asked about what I think about buying a window washing franchise. Why in the world would you spend thousands upon thousands of dollars in franchise fees and pay a continuing percentage of your profits, so someone in Akron, Ohio can control you in YourCity, USA? It doesn’t make sense. This isn’t hamburgers. Window Cleaning is a local business with local needs. Do it on your own with my window cleaning program as your guide, and the profits are all yours!

The next step is yours. Click the "add to cart" button below for immediate access to everything shown on this page! I am standing by ready to supply you with what you need to start you on our journey.


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My Iron Clad, Can’t Lose, Money Back Guarantee!

To remove any doubt from your mind, I offer a totally risk free guarantee. Take six months to examine my package and put it to the test. Follow my instructions and use the powerful marketing tools provided. At the end of six months, if you aren't satisfied with the results, and are not making the money you feel you should be making, simply send the materials back. I'll happily refund your investment and wish you the best.


Whoa, hold everything!
How'd you like another $50 off?

If you like what you've seen so far, but perhaps were planning on holding off for a few weeks, here's a special offer you won't want to pass up...if you act before , my entire Residential Window Washing package is yours at the reduced, ONE-TIME price of $97.

When I first told my wife and some friends that I was going to knock 50 buckaroos off my top selling window washing program, they thought I lost my marbles. They know how much business I generated in my window washing business and how much work and effort went into producing the package I’m offering you. But my mind is made up.

Think of all the glass in your area. Ask yourself the question "Is this a fad business which will be gone in a few years"?

Once you realize what an opportunity the Residential Window Washing business really is, the next step is to take advantage of the tools, knowledge, and direction I can provide you. Don't play the guessing game or use the shotgun approach. It's too expensive and will lose you business.

...and now with 50 bucks off until , what are you waiting for? Please don't call or email me asking for an extension on this offer. The information within this box and the $50 discount is being removed at 12:01am . So...order today before another minute goes by!

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Okay, let’s review what you get when you order today:

  • The backbone of my entire system is a comprehensive 176 page manual entitled How to Start Your Own Residential Window Washing Business. The manual is on a full color, high quality CD and sent direct to your mailbox! (Value: $340).

  • The right to use my professionally designed copyrighted logo. (Value: $295)

  • The right to use my trademarked slogan. (Value: $90)

  • All the Prospect and Customer correspondence you'll ever need such as "Thank you",
    "Follow up", and "Reminder" letters in addition to "Estimate/Bid" forms and "Contract" Sheets. It's all available for immediate download. (Value: $110)

  • Customizable artwork for all of my advertising tools. Follow the instructions to edit the artwork and plug in your company information, or get it done for you. (Value: $460)

  • A subscription to my super-charged monthly newsletter "Window Washing Success Tips". (Value: $160)

  • Access to my Window Washing Blog. (Value: $290 for the Blog software and Blog plugins-this amount doesn't even take into account the valuable content on the Blog)

  • Lifetime email and phone consulting. My time is precious, but I am making myself available to you 6 days a week to ensure your success! Think of me as your business coach always on call. (Value-truly unlimited)

  • A listing in my high-powered Window Cleaning Directory. (Value: 5 new customers, 10 new customers? More? I have no idea because it depends on the number of prospective customers looking for window cleaners in your area. But it's all gravy profit!)

  • The latest version of How To Adopt the Business Mindset. I can talk all day long about window cleaning supplies, techniques, prices, and all the other parts that make up a window cleaning business, but unless you adopt the proper business mindsets, it's all for naught. (Value: $77.00)

  • 4 Beautiful Website Templates for you to create your very own website with. These aren't hokey pokey templates that I had some high school kid create. And with my set of detailed instructions w/screenshots, you'll have your window cleaning website completed lickety split so that you take advantage of being on the web. (Value: $240.00)

I'm offering you a complete system valued at $2,062 (not counting my consulting time and the benefits of being listed in my window cleaning directory). I could easily charge $500.00 or more for this system, but I want as many people to experience this extremely rewarding business like I have, so for now the price is only $147.00 ($97 until midnight ) .

Take a look around the internet and see if you can find a better value for a real business than what I'm offering you today. I stress "better value" because I'm well aware that there are cheaper window washing programs out there. Well...have you heard the phrase "you get what you pay for"?

So if you want to save a few bucks and be just a window washer twiddling your thumbs waiting for the phone to ring and wondering where the customers are, then grab one of the other cheapo window washing offers.

On the other hand, if you want to be the owner of a professional, high demand window washing business that enjoys a constant stream of customers knocking down your doors, then give me a call at 850-476-0904 or click on one of the order buttons.

As you've seen, you have absolutely nothing to lose and a whole lot of window cleaning profits to gain!

Sincerely yours,

Steve Wright

P.S.  I'd like to remind you that if you have questions, simply pick up the phone (850-476-0904) and give me a ring. I'm real, I'm in my office, and I work with window cleaners day in and day out. But I would like to say that although you're more than welcome to call and ask me questions about my program or the window cleaning business in general, don't call and expect me to answer specific window cleaning questions (such as pricing, how to market, etc. etc.). This falls in the realm of consulting and I only consult with my students. There isn't enough time in the day to consult with everyone and my students will always come first. So if you call, please keep this in mind.

P.P.S.  I went to my designer and asked her to put together an image that shows you everything that's included in my comprehensive program. It truly is an unbelievable package of information and tools that you will not find anywhere else at any price. And it's yours when you order today. Take a look...


If you can't build a successful and profitable window cleaning business using what's shown above, then you're simply not trying. Because my students who take action on what I teach using what I provide within my system will realize their ultimate goal of owning a successful window cleaning business...Period!

P.P.P.S.  A simple click of the "add to cart" button makes it easy to get started, so guarantee yourself and your family a lifetime of prosperity by taking action today!


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P.P.P.P.S.   If you're on the fence and/or still not convinced that I'm the real deal and that my program will guide you to success in your own window cleaning business, I understand. There are a lot of words on the internet these days and it's tough to decipher what's true or not. So I figured I'd post a few comments sent into me by some of my students. You can read what they themselves are saying about my program, what it has done for their lives, what kind of money they're making, the support they receive, etc, etc. These are people just like you who were looking to make a change in their lives. So they found my website, made a decision, and have not looked back since.  Enjoy!




"...lots of work coming in regularly."


I have just finished a long and rewarding day. I also have lots of work coming in regularly. And I have you to thank for it Steve. I am looking forward to doing what you did and growing this business by hiring folks to work for me. That's going to be exciting, so when I reach that stage, I'll definitely be contacting you.

Doug Shoaf
Petluma, California


"...booked solid for four weeks..."

Hello Steve:

We're getting several new calls a DAY, and I haven't done much advertising at all in the last few months. We can feel it starting to snowball. We're starting our first employee in a couple of weeks when he is done with school for the summer. New equipment is on the way for him. We're a little nervous about it, but we need help in the business due to the new accounts we're getting, so the nervousness doesn't last long. Especially on days like today - 11 hours on a house by ourselves. Is school ever gonna end?

We're booked solid for four weeks right now. But even though we're jammed up, we have a cub scout troop distributing flyers for us to make sure we have lots of work lined up for the new guy. Well...gotta run. Talk to you soon Steve.

Aaron and Jodee Sentker
Aloha, Oregon

"...indepted to you for life."

Hi Steve.

Thanks so much. Your advice has been on the money every time. I don’t know what I would have done without your service. You’re always so upbeat and have plenty of encouragement for me. Your follow up letter has worked to perfection. If they don’t book with me right away, they always say they will consider. The customers who have tried to low ball me on price, I have learned with your advice to just let them go. I am so excited about this business.

All customers, regardless rather they utilize my services or not, are very impressed with my estimate package which I “borrowed” from your system. Thanks again Steve. I am indebted to you for life. For the pennies I paid for your program, it’s a no-brainer. I highly recommend your program to all window cleaners, new or veterans alike-you have plenty of great tips for everyone.
Thank you.

Pete Norwood
Weston, Florida


"...a beautiful system in place that is easy to follow."

Thank you Steve for all that you have done. You have a beautiful system in place that is easy to follow. I felt like a professional at my first job giving my brother-in-law pointers and information. I will have my t-shirts, polo shirts, magnetic door signs, and "H" frame sign ready on Wednesday. Then I will be ready to rock and roll. You're the best,

Deland Moghimi
Lake Mary, Florida


"...your consulting is sooooo valuable."


Thanks for spending the time explaining to me about the website and the advertising. I know your time is valuable and I'm getting a great deal of benefits on your consulting. Don't get me wrong, your entire program is superb, but your consulting is soooooo valuable. It's nice to be able to tap into a qualified resource anytime I pick up the phone. Thanks!!

Tyler Kirk

Matthews, North Carolina



"I am shocked with how far into detail you go..."


I just wanted to let you know what I think of your system. I bought a bunch of window washing start up info. not knowing which one is the best. All the others look to be put together in a week. You by far have the most extensive and impressive.

I am shocked with how far into detail you go on everything which is needed to start in this business. You have done most of the start up work for me. My next step is to register my company name, buy everything I need, and then practice on a bunch of friend's and relatives homes. I will be sure to let you know how my company is doing. Oh yeah...I will also be using your software The Customer Factor to keep my business on track.

Thanks for educating me on this business.

Christian Laddusaw

Golden Valley, Minnesota



" idea that this business was this lucrative!!"


Hi Steve,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything you've done for me and my company. When I sent away for your package, I had no idea that this business was this lucrative!! I was simply trying to get my college age son to think like an entrepreneur.

To give you an example of what I'm referring to-this past Friday we did a house with 71 windows that took me and two other guys 5 hours to do. I was paid $480. After paying the two helpers, I netted $330. Here's the part that always knocks me out. The customer was SO grateful because she couldn't find anyone who would come before the end of August--and this is the start of June.

The other thing that has been everything you said it would be, has been your postcards. Your postcards and marketing materials alone make the package worth it. Never mind the great support. Once again, thank you for being so professional and so right about the potential of this business!

Fred Hodge
Freehold, New Jersey


"...better than good its great."


My name is Marvin Duran. I spoke to you once already before I bought your program. Well I received your package yesterday and read all of it so I could a get a feel for the manual. I have to say the information is really good, actually it's better than good its great. I think what i paid for it is nothing compared to what this information is going to do for my business. I can see how you became successful in this business, it was no accident.

Marvin Duran
North Hills, California


"...incredible window washing business system..."


Steve, this is an incredible window washing business system. I'm confident in my success due to the fact that it was put together by someone who has been there and done that-not just something put out by Lord knows who. Keep it up.

James Brandenburg
Connersville, Indiana

--The above was sent when James first started the business after buying my material. Here are some follow up comments from James:

Hi Steve, just a few words to let you know I'm still enjoying my window cleaning business, this business is very profitable, I just wish I had started 20 years ago. Again, thanks for all your advice and your business plan, the best investment I ever made.



"...made my investment back and it's been only ONE WEEK!"


Hi Steve,

I used your estimate package today. It was so handy. I got the estimate done in a timely fashion because I had the package plus I was able to organize my estimate. They had 43 windows, 3 french doors, other misc. too. I got the job. Your estimate package works great. As far as your other information within your program, I've already made my investment back and it's been only ONE WEEK! Thanks Steve.

Paul Jeffers
Hanson, Massachusetts



Ah...but that's not all. The above comments are just the tip of the iceberg. My inbox is literally overflowing with emails from my students, so I set up another webpage where you can read many more. Here you go (opens in a new window). Hint: You might want to pack a lunch when visiting this webpage. :o)



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